The Art of Display

Welcome to a new little feature on the blog – The Art of Display. The idea is to serve up inspiration and ideas for framing your prints and displaying your prints, by way of cool interior design and stylish spaces.
Let’s begin, shall we?

Hang prints and posters at unexpected heights (like here, starting at just a foot off the floor)…

…or in unexpected spots.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your frames. On paper, you might not think a set of black frames below a set of blonde wood frames would work… but this looks awesome! (Image from the excellent SFgirlbybay blog.)




Use japanese Washi Tape (in one colour or a bunch of different colours and patterns) to hang your more affordable prints and posters. Display larger prints alongside postcards, photos and other cool keepsakes.

P.S: Watch this space, we’re currently working on a range of affordable products for framing and hanging prints at endemicworld

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