Designer Interview: Natasha Vermeulen

Natasha designed the Mine Ours Poster that is still available as a free download on the blog. It got spread far and wide from the walls of the Labour Party’s HQ to an old lamppost on the streets of Kingsland. Due to popular demand there is now a t-shirt being made with a new version of the original Mine Ours design. Today we get behind the scenes and find out a bit more about Natasha and her design prowess.

Where you from cuz?

I grew up in South Africa, then moved to Waiheke Isand with my family when I was 12.

What keeps you busy?

Lots! Drawing, banjo, piano, photography, craft, live music, comics, films...

What’s the one thing people should know about you?

I’m a total geek.

Have you always wanted to be a graphic designer?

Sort of. I grew up thinking I would be an artist, or an illustrator, and I get to do this within graphic design.

What path did you take to become such a pro?

Haha that’s nice, I’m far from pro though! That’s probably part of it, continually trying to improve and grow as a designer/illustrator. Practice, and lots of it! Something I know I should do but struggle with is to keep churning out the work. There’s too much I’m interested in, so I’m constantly starting and working on multiple projects, which subsequently take longer to complete.

Would you recommend the same approach to other aspiring designers in NZ?

Yeah, just keep creating, get out there and make things. Also, I do recommend tertiary study if you’re serious, it was definitely worth it for me.

Your “Mine Ours” design is very cool, can we expect to see you chained to a tree if mining goes ahead or was this just a spur of the moment kind of thing?

I’m a supporter of non-violent protest, and will use what skills and talent I have to make a worthwhile contribution where I can. Marches, petitions, social networking, I’m there, but not so much a fan of putting my body in physical danger! The initial poster design is the result of a friend asking me if I was interested in creating an anti-mining artwork. Kudos to all the full time activists that put in so much energy in keeping us informed as to what’s happening in our land.

Whats your favourite product on

The Walter Hansen prints. They’re amazing.

Hey thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us and the crew, we can’t wait to see more of your work and the 326 designers


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