Ours Not Mine

Designer Natasha Vermeulen whipped up this poster in support of the anti-mining protests. It’s yours for free and to share with your friends. Grab the ready to print download and keep us updated on your guerilla postering action on facebook.

If you intend to print the poster bigger than A2 get in touch and we can suss you a larger file.

* This poster is free for you to share/print/post online etc, but you’re worse than a wannabe corporate miner if you try and profit from it.


Ours Not Mine // Designed by Natasha Vermeulen 2010

12 Replies to “Ours Not Mine”

  1. Mine means Mine and ours Means Ours!

    The only reason that mining is so destructive is because when mineral deposits are deemed as ‘viable’, The governments sell the rights to the big boys for a crappy percentage of the take. The big boys then move in with their archaic methods and rape the land!

    This is the established order!

    Time’s are changing people,The big boy’s are changing and now is the time to innovate!

    New Zealand is filled with innovative people who are tanga tu whenua (of the land )!
    We CAN get this stuff out of the ground without damaging the ecology through new inventions and systems, we can keep the take and use it to fund the reselling of the new ecological processes that we spearhead right here in Godzone!

    As well as creating a rather large r&d sector employing many souls!

    Peace out! (within reason)

  2. We hear you Levi, it could be managed in a way that is less destructive. But personally I don’t have faith that our current govt would put ecological needs above profit. The tech is there, but its too expensive for our tiny country. Farming is a good example, loads of tech to make it less destructive, but its not applied because its too expensive. You want to eat steak right?

    Mining is also a short term investment, just look at the boom/bust towns in Australia’s mining industry. NZer’s could put their innovation to better industries. If I had to pick one, it would have to be tourism, its consumed here so no shipping, its renewable, its not dependent on one country, tourist dollars get spread far and wide, it’s a huge employer, it will exist while nz exists… the lists go on. Above all, its a value added product, not a commodity which you have to sell millions of tonnes of to make a dollar, e.g milk powder.

  3. This is one last push for submissions against Mining our precious conservation land. Submissions are due 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 26th May). Submissions take 2 minutes via this online form. Our natural landscape is surely worth a couple of moments of your time?


    for more information see this great website.


    Be the change you want to see in the world – make a submission and pass this message on.

  4. My biggest fear about mining is not about NZ losing money to huge overseas corporations, although that is definitely up there. Extraction of metals from ores requires the use of extremely toxic chemicals like cyanide and mercury and excessive amounts of energy. The toxins then have to be disposed of or stored somewhere where they remain a contamination threat. Then there’s the threat to mine worker’s health from breathing the dust containing all sorts of potentially dangerous compounds. And there’s the myriad of other problems that radiate out through the system of production and disposal of stuff that is made from the products of mines.

    I would rather see the government invest in closing the loop on materials – encouraging reuse and recycling of the metals we already have, rather than dumping them in landfills. This as well as forcing companies to take responsibility for what they are making. Production of crap that breaks after a few months of use just encourages more mining. Companies making this stuff should be made to deal with the waste it produces – they would soon start doing more with the materials they have available to them.

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