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Happy New Year… and big ups!

2008 has been better than we could have ever imagined thanks to all of you. Here we are signing off for 2008 and raring up for an even huger 2009. We hope you all had a cracker Christmas and have super New Year celebrations wherever you may be.

“Happy New Year from… making NZ Designers stand out from the crowd since 2007″


Billboard bags at

Paradigm have been busy making use of what would be landfill. 15 new bags just arrived. Check them out.


How to get what you want this Christmas

Found this on digg this morning. Hope everyone is excited about their Christmas. If your Santa this year sniff that milk first.


Santa "Rockwell style" by Rob Buckett

The feeling of Christmas captured by the master Illustrator Normal Rockwell.
Our local amateur version clearly inspired by the master.

If you have any old mags or cards of Rockwell images around you want to share, let us see them.


Geek Freek creators say Merry Christmas

One of the Mukpuddy crew, Xander13, is the creator of Geek Freeks. Check their santa clip.


Give A Little

Give a little launched today. Here is a snip from their press release emailed just a few hours ago.

“Everyday we are bombarded with requests to give. We are asked to give into a white bucket on the street, put money in the post, view a TV advert then call a 0900 number. I think everyone’s favourite has to be the phone call at dinner time. What we were hearing from people was an absence of the good feeling that we should have when we give.

“ is an online home for everyone. You can find something you care about and get involved easily.  You can also be assured that what you are giving is going directly to the people and projects that you want to support,” says Ms Hofsteede.

“Through the web we can build a community of New Zealanders to share in the great results that can be achieved when many people give a little. “

We think Give A Little is a great idea. No excuses now not to get amoungst it and give a little. Just remember, what goes around comes around.


Movember success

In Movember we sponsored the Christchurch Vodafone Mo-team

We sold a lot of kiwi t-shirts in the end, so reporting back is Julian from the Mo-team who thanks everyone for their support…

“Thank you all for your generous donations to the Movember cause. Some of you may find the end result of the big shave-off, good for another laugh at my expense.. The total funds raised directly from the Mo-Fones (Vodafone team) was $11,300. Vodafone contributes on top of this either dollar for dollar or $5000 not sure which but in the end a fairly decent amount.

Thanks also to for the donations from tee-shirt sales and the donation of the tee-shirts – some (all) of the Christchurch team need all the help we can get aesthetically… and also to the guys at Bojangles who did the shave of for a couple of us 131 Armagh St. for those of you who need a haircut…”

Mo-less again…


Art Beast – Wellington

The Art Beast is a collaborative project showcasing the work of some of Wellington’s finest digital artists. Guido Thum, Andrew Shaw, Thomas Simpson, Lawton Lonsdale, Matthew Rodgers and Leon Mackie combine forces to provide a glimpse into the mind of the creative beast that exists within. Creatures, Monsters and Beasts on Giclée prints and original drawings.  For more info visit

What: Attack of the Art Beast

When: now – 21st December 9am – 5:30pm

Where: Ocean Gallery, level 1, 33-39 Cuba Street, Wellington