Mica Still Exhibtiion “Hope Land” Opening Night

Last Friday night we had the opening of Mica Stills exhibition “Hope Land” and a massive thank you must go out to all who came along and supported Micas first solo in 5 years. Plus to the behind the scenes helpers, cocktail makers, epic sponsors (Garage Project, Rogue Society and Phoenix Organics), friends and family and of course Mica for putting on such a rad show! Some pics below by Johnny Crowe.

The show runs until the 14th of November, come and check it out fi you haven’t, its the last of the year. or if you can;t make it you can request a catalogue for works still available.



Olivia Bezett Exhibition “Animal Dreams” Opening Night

Last Friday night we celebrated the opening of 19 year old Auckland artist Olivia Bezett’s second solo exhibition “Animal Dreams”. A new collection of 15 coloured pencil drawings with gold and rose gold foiling embellishments and one limited edition print. Still yet to reach her 20′s Olivia has accomplished what many artists dream of and thats being a full-time exhibiting artist. Her dedication, creative talent and ability to draw form the heart has created a style of work that truely stands out.

Her show is on until Monday the 31st of October, so if you haven’t already, come and take a look at Olivia’s dreamy, fantastical animal drawings. Every work is conservation framed with UV glass. A handful of work is still available, request a catalogue if you can’t make it in to view them in the real and only 11 prints remain of her Limited Edition Fox with rose gold foiling and hand embossed OB mark.

A special thanks to sponsors Lone Goat Vineyard and Sarah Starkey for taking pics, Jo & Grant Bezett for there support and helping out on opening night, and to everyone who came along to meet Olivia and purchase her work. You can view all of Olivia Bezett’s art online here.





Olivia Bezett – Solo Exhibtion – Animal Dreams

On Friday the 21st of October Olivia Bezett releases a new body of work in her second solo exhibition “Animal Dreams”. So no better time to have a sneak peek at her studio and some work in progress photographs

Olivia Bezett first began drawing seriously at the age of 17, releasing her first work in 2015. Within a week of deciding to peruse this career full-time, Olivia was in her first gallery and had sold her first original piece.

Olivia finds inspiration in various things. Usually the animal inspires her to add something whimsical and unique to it. The surreal part of the artwork is never pre-planned, it just flows and develops a personality and unique feature to make it it’s own. Olivia’s exhibition is to show people how she herself now see’s animals.

Roughly 30-50 colours are used in every piece and some have gold foil details. They are colours that Olivia see’s in every animal, and every living thing. Whimsical, dreamy and almost fantastical illustrations steal your imagination. With her work now in galleries across New Zealand, Australia and Europe Olivia is excited about exhibiting her new work for her show called “Animal Dreams “.

Show opens October 21st 5:3opm at endemicworld 62 Ponsonby Road.
You can find the FB event page here >> 
Contact us to request a catalogue if you cannot make it to the opening night.



Opening Night at “View Point” by Hannah Jensen

On Friday night we celebrated the opening of Hannah Jensen’s solo exhibition “View Point” as part of Artweek Auckland! A huge thank you must go out to all of you who joined us and of course to the amazing sponsors Greenleaf Organics, Antipodes, McLeod’s Brewery and Odyssey Wines! Not to mention those behind the scenes too, you know who you are : )

Below are some photos from the night taken by Sarah Starkey. The exhibition is on until the 17th of October, Hannah will be working in the gallery and hosting an artist talk on Thursday the 13th at 6pm (all welcome & more details below). You can view all of the work online here or contact us to request a copy of the catalogue.


You can view upcoming exhibitions here >>


Hannah Jensen – Solo Exhibition – “View Point” 2016

On Friday the 7th of October at 5:30pm we open the doors to Hannah Jensen’s solo exhibition
View Point”. We visited her studio to chat about the show, her inspiration and take some photos of her working on her paintings and drawings.


A multidisciplinary artist most well-known for her carved work, Hannah Jensen graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in printmaking, and transferred her skills to the painted medium in her postgraduate practice. She has since been exhibiting and working on commissions both in New Zealand & internationally for over a decade. Jensen is actively involved in the community, she has been a volunteer art teacher at Starship Hospital since 2010 and continues to donate her works to multiple charity auctions.


Hannah Jensen


Hannah Jensen


Jensen’s practice involves applying layers of paint to board before employing printmaking techniques such as intaglio, etching and carving to create thematic content. The results are detailed images rendered in negative relief that emphasise the texture and tonal variations between paint colours in a topographical manner. Using anywhere between 50 or more layers of paint, Jensen calculates the depth of each layer to provide the necessary variations of colour, texture and shadow in the work.


Hannah Jensen


Hannah Jensen



Hannah Jensen


With a love of all things nature and handmade, she also creates in variety of other mediums: from drawing and painting, to printing and engraving. Join us for Jensen’s artist talk on Thursday the 13th of October 6-7pm to discuss her life and art.

Photography by Sarah Starkey


View Point - Hannah Jensen Exhibition.

This exhibition is part of ArtWeek Auckland. 




Georgie Malyon – The Ritual – Solo Exhibition 2016

On Friday we celebrated new work by Auckland floral artist & stylist Georgie Malyon with her solo exhibition “The Ritual”. The show is up until September 6th in our Ponsonby Road gallery. Big thanks to Black Robin Gin for supplying some wonderful cocktails and all those who helped on the night.

“This new series of work by Georgie Malyon draws on an ongoing interest in floristry, the occult and the Dutch 17th century still life tradition. Floral arrangements are combined with glittering crystals of amethyst, quartz and obsidian. These are then illuminated with candles, and photographed against a backdrop of cotton or velvet drapery. Incongruous food items often make an appearance: red-backed crabs, chicken feet and animal bones. These uncanny juxtapositions are both intriguing and unnerving in equal parts, producing a sense of cognitive dissonance in the viewer. A witchy tableau, Malyon’s constructions are charged with symbolic potential. Like a spell or incantation, the images evoke both magical and everyday rituals connected to flowers as a reminder of the transience of life, the inevitability of death and the possibility of rebirth as the wheel of life turns.”

Browse all of Georgie Malyon’s photographic art prints here >>

Here are some photos from opening night. Photography by Sarah Starkey.


Resene Colour x endemicworld Art Prints

Nothing we like more than a cool colab, and the crew at Resene have been colour matching their huge range of paint colours with endemicworld art prints! Here are some of our favourites. To check them all out, plus loads more colour inspiration, follow them on instagram. Photos & styling by Amber Armitage.



Meet The Artists: Greg Straight

It’s been over 2 years since we have sat down for a decent chat with Illustration guru G.Straight, so thought we better let ya’ll know what this busy AKL creative has been up to!

NZ Illustrator & Designer Greg Straight

Walking downstairs to the home studio. Greg loves his Bones Brigade tee, “such an old school classic even if it does scare the kids at school pick up time.”

A selection of Greg Straights new art prints. You can view all of Greg Straights Surf & Skate inspired Art Prints here.

Tell us a little bit about these new prints? They appear a lot more hand drawn and monotone than your usual artworks?
I’ve always wanted to do a surf and beach inspired range thats a little more organic and freer than the hard edged vector illustrations people may know me for.

It started a few months back when I was commissioned to create a small artist range for a surf/bike/wake clothing company called ION based in Germany. All the graphics were hand drawn and focused on surf culture and these got the ball rolling.

I decided to make these new prints black and white because most of my other artworks have used a lot of colour and I wanted to do something different, wanted to surprise people. I did have a little concern that people may get confused as they are quite different, but if you know me and my interests and sense of humour I think you’ll get them. They are less mainstream and not Kiwiana which is quite refreshing.

Also I’ve been a surfer since I was 11 and theres a lot of humour in surfing and the way surfers talk, so I used this as inspiration for a lot of the art, like Fang Five, Death Set and Street Roller and reference movies like Point Break with my 50 Year Storm and Death On A Stick prints. Surfing is something I feel very connected with. When I started I became so obsessed with it I was totally hooked. I’ve made the best friends and had the best experiences with these friends all because of surfing.

Creative chaos, looks like things are happening. Sorting out artwork for a show at Curation a new surf shop in Papamoa opening July 1st.

Kettle drawings blown up to A4, ready for the light box to be cleaned up and made into prints. I call them kettle drawings as a lot of them started life as quick sketches created in the time the kettle boils to make a cup of coffee.

Do you see yourself living out your creative days in AKL? Or running away with family to that secret spot to surf & draw everyday!
I love Auckland its a great city. Yes the house prices are ridiculous and the traffic and public transport are shocking but I love being so close to the water and having both the East coast and West coast easily accessible. We have a lot of great friends and family (on my side) here but I definitely have a draw to The Mount.

My Aunt Hazel and Uncle Jim had a house at Papamoa, a stones throw away from the beach. My family used to spend all our summer holidays down there and I have so many fond memories from that time in my life. So that would be a place I’d love to be based at some stage and surf and make art all day, if I could in that order!

You are exhibiting some of these recent works at a surf shop in Papamoa, how did the show at Curation come about?
Gav the owner of Curation just moved his family from Maori Bay in Auckland to Papamoa, just around the corner to where my mum has moved too. We share a lot of the same interests and got talking on Instagram. He was really supportive of my art and I have always wanted to show some works at a surf shop but not a bogan type store somewhere cool. Curation is awesome, it has a cafe at the front serving All Press Coffee and stocks loads of solid brands. It has a really nice modern yet welcoming feel and is a place that wants to support the local community not just surfers and surfing but families as well.

The place I’d rather be! The Mount, if we weren’t in Auckland I’d want to be here, surfing and making art. Maybe one day!

Your IG feed is constantly flooded with new images, what cool projects for you been working on in the past 6 months?
2016 has been a big year for me. The projects and clients seem to be getting bigger each year which is great but it has at times been pretty stressful balancing work (clashing deadlines), family and general life. I started the year working with Grizzly a digital agency creating a couple of info graphics for Microsoft in the states, then I worked on a large campaign with Stategy Wellington for NZ Transport and ACC helping teenagers get their licence and teaching them to drive. Its called DRIVE (www.drive.govt.nz) and its going to be rolled out nationwide soon.

I also created a load of illustrations for a new development in Tamaki to regenerate the area. There has been quite a lot of other things going on too we redesigned my GS website (www.gregstraight.com) I say ‘we’ as my wife Hannah did most of it! My website hadn’t been updated for 3 years so it was a major job and I reshot most of the projects.

I’ve just completed 2 new ranges of Duett Design art prints, an inky, watercolour series and a super minimal black and white range. Also I was very involved with a children’s clothing label called Triangle, we are stocking over 40 stores both here in NZ and Australia but with all my other work commitments I couldn’t give it the time it needed so now contract to them. The summer range dropping in a few months is HUGE! And has a Venice Beach surf skate feel to it. Its original and super fresh, I only wish we could have done adult sizes.

There are also these new black and white prints and before that I did a series of circle kiwiana A3 prints on paper and wood. These are part of my A-Round New Zealand series and there are more to come. Lastly I was involved with a really cool exhibition over in Sydney curated by Eddie Zammit (of the rad tee shirt magazine T-World). It was called ReDrawn and celebrated 45 years of the Mr Men in collaboration with Ambush Gallery and darling Harbour. 8 Australian and 8 international artists were chosen to do their take on one Mr Men and Little Miss character. I was given Mr Tickle. The show has just finished and has had 300,000 visitors.

Thinking of turning some of the new artworks into tees. Here are 3 designs but I’ve mocked up about 20 and thinking of dropping them pre Xmas. Thoughts?

A recent cover I illustrated for Australian street / art magazine No Cure for their NZ Edition.

What’s your favorit meal?
For sure has to be Fish Tacos washed down with an icy cold Pacifico from Mexico with the family. Years ago I went to Baja California and travelled down the peninsula from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. Drinking cold cerveza, surfing and partying along the way. Man those really were the days! I got hooked on Mexican food, like good street food not the Taco Bell rubbish. Love the whole look and feel of the Mexico restaurants too, all the art and the fit out looks so authentic and the food is great. Otis’s Lucky Taco is amazing too, only eaten there once but it was totally off the cheese board.

What “Golden Rule” do you live by?
Be nice and work hard. My wife Hannah says my golden rule should be – “Don’t do now what you can do later”. Thanks love.

Are you a Nutella on toast or organic paleo smoothy for breakfast kind of guy?
Busting out the big questions ay! Ha ha. I do have Paleo muesli sometimes but when that runs out I’m on Weetbix with Soy Milk. Do like a bacon/eggs fat boys breakfast once and a while too. Burp.

These two! Chloe and Leo keeping things fresh outside our local Beach Haven Dairy. A bit of a ghetto backdrop but I kind of like it.

A message from my daughter Chloe on the studio wall. I love being a dad, it’s not always easy but its totally worth it. Love her and little Leo so much.

What songs are you playing way too often?
Ive been heavily listening to Spotify and really digging their radio of similar artist. I’ve discovered a lot of new music this way, a band called Beach Fossils are sort of like the Drums are pretty cool. Ive also been listening to a lot of old punk rock like TSOL, Firehose, Ramones and Descendents., but also Hot Chip, Blood Orange and Jamie XX and reggae/dance hall stuff like Prince Fatty and ska band The Skints and some British indie like Babyshambles, Good Shoes and The Rakes.

Whats next for Greg Straight?
I’m off in about an hour with my brother Alex to Papamoa for the Curation Show, but once I’m back Ive got a big illustration for Fletcher homes to do, illustrations for Contact Energy’s annual report plus some other illustration work. I will also be creating more art prints and developing a range of mens tees based on the recent surf inspired artworks. Ive been asked to develop some more reusable coffee cup designs, a tee shirt range with Mr Vintage and a series of NZ wrapping papers for gifting and an artwork for the guys at REFOLD as a limited artists edition. Things are busy busy and thats the way I like it, but I still want to make time for my wife Hannah and the kids and hopefully sneak a few surfs in!

This is me at one of the worst skate bowls in NZ if not the world, Waihi. It’s lumpy and bumpy and rough as guts, if you fall the ground is like a cheese grater.

You can buy all of Gregs Art Prints online or in-store at 62 Ponsonby Road.